Rail Infrastructure

Powerhand Road Rail Excavator Attachments

The rail industry expects the highest quality of road rail excavator attachments to ensure that hundreds of miles of rail infrastructure are expertly maintained. Powerhand excel in providing the tough environment of rail infrastructure installation and maintenance with a superior range of road rail excavator grapples and clamshell buckets.

Every Powerhand road rail excavator attachment, configured with the ultimate in hydraulic rotators from Indexator, are built to withstand the constant high demands of the rail industry. Manufactured from the highest quality Swedish steels and incorporating our range of links, Powerhand grapples and clamshell buckets are designed for specific tasks in the rail infrastructure industry; from laying railway sleepers and digging wet rock beds to moving railway ballast.

Powerhand has worked closely with rail infrastructure contractors to produce a tough, hard-wearing range of specialist attachments that have been used and trusted in the rail infrastructure industry for over two decades. Explore Powerhand specialist attachments specifically designed for use on road rail excavators.