Maximise Efficiency with Powerhand Excavator Attachments & Rotators

Powerhand are at the forefront of design and manufacture of world class excavator attachments for machinery equipment that operates in demanding industries such as forestry, log handling, scrap recycling, car dismantling, waste recycling and rail infrastructure.

Combining advanced engineering skills with innovative design solutions, Powerhand has redefined industry standards, offering a comprehensive range of high quality, precision-engineered solutions.  Specialising in vehicle dismantlers, grabs and grapples, high tip buckets and hydraulic rotators, Powerhand ensures that machine operators in the toughest industry sectors can operate day in, day out, confident that Powerhand reliability will optimise efficiencies.

When you look out of your machine, you want to see an attachment you can trust. An attachment with power and dexterity. An attachment, that above all, has unparalleled durability. You want to see… a Powerhand.

The Powerhand Story

Forestry and Log Handling

The Powerhand range of forestry and log handling attachments are designed and built to withstand the rigours of tough and demanding forestry and sawmilling life. Used day in day out by forestry contractors and sawmill operators, Powerhand timber grapples, loader grabs, and high tip buckets are the heavy equipment attachments of choice in the forest and sawmill industries.


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Rail Infrastructure

In the tough environment of rail infrastructure, the Powerhand range of road rail excavator grapples and clamshell buckets combine maximum efficiency with absolute robustness.  Every Powerhand road rail excavator attachment, configured with the ultimate in hydraulic rotators from Indexator, are built to withstand the constant high demands of the rail industry. Powerhand rail attachments, for use on road rail excavators, are designed for the specific tasks in the rail infrastructure industry; from laying railway sleepers and digging wet rock beds to moving railway ballast.

Powerhand have worked closely with rail infrastructure contractors to produce a tough, hard-wearing range of specialist attachments that have been trusted in the rail infrastructure industry for over two decades.

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Vehicle Recycling

Powerhand leads the way in value extraction recycling of ELVs, helping vehicle recyclers and vehicle dismantlers extract the maximum value from vehicles before bailing. Powerhand excavator equipment enables auto dismantling operators to extract extra value that was previously difficult to retrieve. This is why the Powerhand VRS and MV Grapples are trusted globally by leading vehicle recycling yards.

Discover our range of equipment including Powerhand VRS140, VRS180 and VRS200 excavator attachments and the Powerhand ERS Engine Crusher and MV Series Grapples to enhance your return on auto dismantling processes.

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Waste and Recycling

Powerhand is revolutionising materials handling methods in recycling yards and recycling centres, helping to fulfil the growing demand for processing products that need to be recycled. Powerhand’s innovative materials handling equipment allows operators to extract extra value from recyclable items that have previously been difficult to retrieve.

Powerhand excavator attachments have been designed and manufactured to withstand the heavy and demanding workloads in the tough environments of recycling yards and recycling centres.  The Powerhand range of specialist recycling equipment grabs and buckets for attachment to excavators and materials handlers, coupled with Indexator excavator rotators and excavator link systems provide a tough, hard-wearing range of scrap and waste handling and processing equipment.

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