ERS Engine Crusher

The ERS grapple is specifically designed for crushing vehicle engines.

For installation on excavators of 18 tonnes upwards the ERS is fitted with a powerful rotator and hydraulic system. Equipped with replaceable hard faced crushing jaws the ERS can reduce an engine into small crushed parts allowing for the removal of heavy steel components such as crank shafts, valve stems etc prior to any further crushing operation offering less stress on shredding machines.

The ERS can be fitted with an electro magnet for the fast removal of steel components.

The ultimate engine crushing grapple and pre shredding system.

  • Quick and easy separation of iron and non-iron metals
  • Made of durable highest quality Hardox Swedish steel
  • Replaceable teeth
  • Twin hydraulic cylinders
  • Rigid mounted with Indexator XR rotator
  • Upper mounts to suit any machine or quick coupler type
  • Can be configured with electro magnet
Powerhand ERS Engine Crusher
Jaw OpeningA584mm
Overall OpeningB1017mm
Overall WidthD682mm
Width at TipsE340mm

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