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MV SERIES - ELV processing and bale loader grab

The MV series is the ultimate vehicle processing grab. Tough and durable which allows it to thrive in a formidable environment, yet nimble and precise to quickly remove engines and load balers.

Offset legs allow the grapple to fit within the vehicle engine bay for easy engine removal however, it still has the ability to span a vehicle roof.

Hardened machined tips allow you to work harder, longer, and more precisely. The hydraulic cylinders are complete with 360° shaft protection, minimising the chance of a productivity destroying hose burst.

Engine out

Never struggle to remove an engine from a car again

The MV series unique 'ENGINE OUT' design makes it the ideal grab for removing engines. Traditional, even leg spacing means that fitting into an engine bay is awkward, at best. However, the MV series 60° spaced legs means the grab fits perfectly between suspension turrets, allowing you to swoop in and remove an engine in seconds.

powerhand mv series scrap grab engine removal feature
powerhand mv series scrap grab holding vehicle bale

TWO TASKS. one grab

The 'engine out' leg design still allows the spanning of a vehicle bale for baler loading

We know that in many ELV recycling yards you like to use the same machine for both engine removal and the loading of balers. That is why our MV series leg design not only has the perfect leg design for engine removal but, it also spans a baled vehicle with ease. This increases your efficiency and gets two tasks completed with the one attachment.


Never again suffer from productivity destroying hydraulic hose bursts

The hydraulic cylinder is the heartbeat of an attachment. Its protection and longevity is crucial to minimising downtime and increasing your productivity. We have designed our hydraulic cylinders by putting return line inside the cylinder wall which minimises the chance of a productivity crushing hoseburst and, provides 360° protection for the cylinder shaft.

mv series scrap elv grab recycling ram protection system
designers 2020

concept to creation

Like all Powerhand products the MV series is designed and built in house

We understand that the only way to guarantee the best quality is to control the whole process. That is why we complete 100% of design and manufacture in our factory in Scotland.

We are proud to never be satisfied and are constantly seeking to improve our concepts and to be at the forefront of manufacturing technology.

For over 30 years we have developed and refined our attachments in collaboration with many of the industries' leading users, with the aim of delivering the ultimate end product and customer experience.

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  • Robust manifold distribution of oil to hydraulic cylinders.
  • IR series rotator enables high downward forces to be applied.
  • Manufactured from high strength Swedish alloy steel.
  • Ram shafts completely sealed with sliding guards.
  • Well protected hoses.
  • Robust leg stops and large diameter pivot pins and bushes extend working life.
  • 350 bar working pressure.
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