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Powerhand DK Series

DK SERIES - Massive capacity log carrying grapple

Trusted by many of the largest sawmills in Europe, the DK series is the highest capacity grapple in the Powerhand sawmill range. When large volumes of logs need to be carried, the DK is the perfect tool for the job.

One log or many...the clever leg design of the DK allows it to have the dexterity to pinch a single log or bundle a huge mouthful.

Capacity ranges from 1.0m² to 2.1m².


Grab the perfect load every time and improve your efficiency with Powerhand's log hugging leg design.

There is nothing worse than a jammed or crooked lifted load that leads to a messy pile. Powerhand has taken care of this. Our log grabs feature legs that have been specifically designed to allow loads to roll up the legs leaving no hollow pockets, where logs could slide from the middle of the load.

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powerhand dk log grapple built big built tough

built big. built tough.

For when large quantities need to be carried

The immense power of the DK series is maximised by the vertical orientation of the powerful hydraulic cylinders which allows for effortless piercing into a log pile.

With the harsh nature of high capacity log carrying in a sawmill, the DK is more than able to withstand this environment. The design has evolved over the last 20 years to feature wear resistant and resilient leg structures combined with a tough headstock to give the ultimate high capacity log carrying grapple for large materials handlers.


Like all Powerhand products the DK series is designed and built in house

We understand that the only way to guarantee the best quality is to control the whole process. That is why we complete 100% of design and manufacture in our factory in Scotland.

We are proud to never be satisfied and are constantly seeking to improve our concepts and to be at the forefront of manufacturing technology.

For over 30 years we have developed and refined our attachments in collaboration with many of the industries' leading users, with the aim of delivering the ultimate end product and customer experience.

designers 2020
powerhand indexator ir20 industrial rotator feature

world class Rotations

World leading attachments require world leading rotators... that is why we use Indexator rotators to partner our Powerhand attachments

We think of our attachments as the hand at the end of the machine boom and the rotator as the wrist. For unbeatable completion of the task and minimal downtime, both must be of the highest quality.

Powerhand has established a close working relationship with Indexator over the last 30 years, who lead the world in rotator design and manufacture the widest range of rotator products. They employ the most advanced design and manufacturing systems available, with industry leading testing systems used to rigorously test components after final assembly. This is all to ensure that the most durable rotators possible are created!

The DK series is fitted with Indexator's high torque industrial IR series rotator as standard.

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  • Remote greasing points for ease of maintenance.
  • Fitted with Indexator's robust IR industrial rotators.
  • Manufactured from high strength Swedish alloy steel.
  • Robust leg strops and large diameter pivot pins and bushes ensure a long working life.
  • Well protected hydraulic cylinders and hoses.
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