VK Series Grapples

Trusted and used by many of the largest sawmills in Europe, the VK grapple is the ideal log handling and loading grapple for excavators, materials handlers and loader cranes in sawmills and loading yards; where large capacity but low height is a must.

The compact height of the VK series sawmill grapple provides greater machine stability and allows greater reach.

Capacity ranges from 1.0m² to 1.5m².

The Perfect Load

Achieve a perfect load every time and improve your efficiency with Powerhand’s log hugging leg design. There is nothing worse than a jammed or crooked lifted load that leads to a messy pile. Powerhand has taken care of this. Our log grabs feature legs that have been specifically designed to allow loads to roll up the legs leaving no hollow pockets, where logs could slide from the middle of the load.

Stack It High

The VK series is compact in height allowing higher stacking from the same base machine

The horizontal ram design of the VK means that overall height is reduced, making it possible to stack higher, while maintaining machine stability.

When carrying logs around the sawmill, the compact height also allows for loads to be carried with the boom lower, increasing the stability of the machine.

Weight (Excluding Rotator)1333kg1409kg1493kg
Jaw OpeningA2387mm2562mm2736mm
Overall OpeningB2625mm2905mm3107mm
Open HeightC1322mm1472mm1495mm
Tip to Tip HeightD1953mm2105mm2191mm
Min Gripping DiameterEØ205mmØ169mmØ209mm
Max Gripping Diameter
(Tip to Tip)
Overall Width834mm834mm834mm
Width at Tips804mm804mm804mm

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