Indexator XR400 Rotator

Indexator XR400 Rotator

Indexator XR400 rotators are designed for both rigid and swing mounting applications. With a max axial load of 20 tonnes the XR400 is most suited to applications involving large excavators and material handling equipment.

The XR400 is available in several bolt mounting options, in addition the XR400 P allows the possibility to route cabling through the centre of the rotator for auxiliary electrical functions.

The XR400C rotator includes an additional channel to allow for the possibility to connect central greasing systems used on auxiliary attachments.

The XR400 HT P AV rotator is designed for use on the largest of Harvesting head applications. Electrical cables can be installed through the rotator body for auxiliary functions. The XR400 HT P AV is machined to allow rotator oil connections to be positioned underneath the rotator to ensure complete security for oil hoses. The XR400 HT P AV in additions comes with a high torque drive motor to cope with the most demanding of Harvester tasks.

Indexator XR400 Hydraulic Rotators
Technical Data Model XR400
Max Rotational Torque 4100Nm
Weight 180kg
Max Working Pressure Rotator Motor 25Mpa
Max Working Pressure Grapple 40Mpa
Max Axial Load Static 550Kn
Max Axial Load Dynamic 200Kn
Max Axial Load at 90 degree tilt (fixed) 140Kn
Outside Diameter 488mm
Height 244mm
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