Indexator GV12 Rotator

Indexator GV12 Rotator

The world’s most popular forest machine rotator, Indexator GV12 series is designed for use on medium sized forest machines and truck cranes.

GV12 Series is available in two upper hydraulic porting options: GV12 with all four hydraulic ports mounted to the front of the rotator. GV12-2 with two ports mounted to each side of the rotator.

10 tonne lifting capacity.

Indexator GV12 Hydraulic Rotator

Technical Data GV12 / GV12-2
Rotation Continuous
Weight 56kg
Max Axial Load Static 100kN
Max Axial Load Dynamic 50kN
Torque at 25MPa (3625psi) 2200Nm
Recommended Oilflow 25 l/min
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