GT Series Grapples

GT Series Grapples

Trusted by many of the largest sawmills in Europe, the GT series log sorting grapple is the smallest grapple in the Powerhand sawmill range.

Whether sorting logs on a line or handling single poles, the GT log grapple is the perfect grapple for this task. Penetrate piles of stacked material like never before with the GT’s narrow finger-like tine design and keep your log line moving at unprecedented speed with the fast action of the legs.

Ideal for sorting misaligned logs.

Capacity ranges from 0.15m² to 0.2m²

Finger Like Tines

Penetrate the log pile to easily pick up a single log

The GT Series features a purpose built leg design, allowing you to penetrate between logs and grab a single one. The traditional curved leg shape of a log bundling grapple causes the tines to stick on top of adjacent logs when attempting to pick up a single log. That is why we have designed the GT series legs to be straighter and narrower, providing great single log picking dexterity.

Your grapple will never jam on top of the log pile again.

Weight (Excluding Rotator)220kg240kg
Jaw OpeningA1010mm970mm
Overall OpeningB1100mm1100mm
Open HeightC854mm910mm
Tip to Tip HeightD860mm915mm
Min Gripping DiameterEØ56mmØ56mm
Max Gripping Diameter (Tip to Tip)FØ377mmØ440mm
Overall Width416mm416mm
Width at Tips244mm244mm
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