GN Series Grapples

The GN series grapple is for the most demanding of operations and can be either rigid mounted for excavator fitment or swing mounted.

The innovative three-leg design means that the GN can be used for both ‘pinching’ a single log, rock, or piece of rail and also for bundling full loads.

Strong boxed in leg designs allow the grapple to withstand the rigours of rigid mounted applications and double hydraulic cylinders give the GN plenty of power to grip all types of loads.

Pinch Mode

The unique three-leg design allows the GN Series to pinch a single item. Whether that be a log, rock, sleeper or piece of scrap rail, the grapple leg toes meet at a single point to give the operator unrivalled dexterity.

Bundle Mode

The GN Series leg shape and movement has the same great geometry as our log handling specific grapples which means that you achieve a perfect load everytime. The shape of the legs feed the load into the grapple, delivering maximum capacity and a securely held load.

Outstanding Strength

The GN Series has been designed to excel in harsh and demanding operations. The headstock is compact and heavily reinforced, while the legs feature a strong box construction design. The result is a grapple that thrives in tough environments.

Dimensions GN40
Capacity 0.4m2
Weight (Excluding Rotator) 730kg
Jaw Opening A 1980mm
Overall Open Width B 2115mm
Open Height C 1000mm
Legs Tip to Tip Height D 1124mm
Min Gripping Diameter E Ø130mm
Overall Grapple Width 768mm
Width at Tips 724mm
Excavator Size 14 to 25 Tonnes
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