GC Series Grapple

GC SERIES – The ultimate multi-purpose grapple

From handling logs, brushwood, pipes, or rail, the Powerhand GC series is the all rounder for the job. The GC multi-purpose grapple has the ability to pinch a single item or bundle a multitude of different materials.

Add an extra Grapple Saw unit and take Powerhand’s most versatile grapple one step further.

Standard and Heavy Duty (HD) models available in capacities ranging from 0.19m² to 0.4m².

  • HD models available for use on excavators.
  • Standard and Heavy Duty (HD) models available.
  • Optional cylinder lock valve.
  • Optional pressure relief valve.
  • Manufactured from high strength Swedish alloy steel.

Powerhand Grapple Saw

Take versatility to a new level

The Powerhand Grapple Saw unit can easily be attached onto the GC Series grapple, allowing you to perform tasks what were previously manual, from the seat in your cab.

The GS saw units require only one hydraulic (flow and return) service to operate. Bar return, chain tensioning, and lubrication are all automatic built-in functions.

The grapple saw unit can be easily removed from the GC grapple when not required.

GC Series Grapple GC19 GC23 GC26 GC33 GC33HD GC40 GC40HD
Capacity 0.19m² 0.23m² 0.26m² 0.33m² 0.33m² 0.40m² 0.40m²
Weight 131kg 186kg 216kg 286kg 363kg 311kg 399kg
Opening A 1290mm 1445mm 1500mm 1816mm 1816mm 1971mm 1971mm
Max Opening B 1415mm 1585mm 1670mm 1922mm 1922mm 2115mm 2115mm
Open Height C 713mm 788mm 793mm 794mm 790mm 904mm 904mm
Tip to Tip Height D 788mm 868mm 898mm 965mm 965mm 1061mm 1061mm
Min. Gripping Diameter E 82mm 87mm 90mm 140mm 136mm 127mm 124mm
Clearance F 395mm 450mm 440mm 369mm 396mm 492mm 492mm
Width H 340mm 436mm 446mm 523mm 575mm 523mm 575mm
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