EX Series Grapples

The Powerhand eX Series is the ultimate heavy duty forestry biomass grapple for installation on an excavator or large crane.

The design has been optimised for tasks such as feeding chippers, handling brash while clearing sites, log handling and general forestry work.

Designed for use on excavators from 13 tonnes to 25 tonnes, the eX Series is ideal for rigid excavator mounting both direct via a tilt rotator or rigid rotator assembly. Also available for swing link mounting. The grapple legs feature five solid 50mm Hardox tines to excel in this demanding application.

  • Powerful hydraulic cylinder combined with fast acting grapple geometry
  • Solid 50mm Hardox tines
  • Optional hydraulic cylinder lock valves
  • Easy access greasing points for maintenance

Grapple Saw Set Up

Take versatility to a new level

The Powerhand Grapple Saw unit can easily be attached onto the Ex Series grapple, allowing you to perform tasks what were previously manual, from the seat in your cab.

The GS saw units require only one hydraulic (flow and return) service to operate. Bar return, chain tensioning, and lubrication are all automatic built-in functions.

DimensionsEX 28EX 36
Max OpeningB1632mm1928mm
Open HeightC887mm939mm
Tip to Tip HeightD956mm1067mm
Min Gripping DiameterE∅106mm∅128mm
Width at TipsG700mm800mm
Excavator Size12000Kg to 25000Kg16000Kg to 25000Kg

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