CS Series Clamshell

CS Series Clamshell

A loose material handler and light digging clamshell

The CS series clamshell has been specifically designed for use on the railway. Optimised in design for the needs and wants of operators on the track. Perfect for loose material rehandling and strong enough to withstand the downward pressure of light digging operations.

We understand that height is critical in an environment that often works under overhead cables. That is why the CS series not only has optimal capacity to height proportions but, is also available with an optional sunken quick change coupler system which allows rapid changeover of attachments, while maintaining a compact height.

Capacity ranges from 0.5m² to 0.75m²

  • Sunken 100mm square drive headstock available, ideal for rail industry saving up to 200mm in height and offering the rapid changeover of attachments.
  • Optional digging teeth.
  • Manufactured from high strength Swedish alloy steels.
  • Hydraulic cylinder lock valves.
  • Pressure relief valves for excavator use.
  • Powerful twin hydraulic cylinders.
  • Heat treated hardened cutting edges and wear plates.
  • Reinforced and stiffened side plates.

Anti Shatter G6 Plates

Unique side plates for a specific job

G6 ballast is commonly used on the UK railway. It is also prone to dangerously shattering when clamped in the traditional straight side plates of a clamshell bucket. The Powerhand CS series is available with optional G6 Anti Shatter side plates.

Formed from high strength steel to minimise wear, the side plates are jagged in design to allow G6 ballast to be handled without being shattered. Normal “closed” side plates can be easily refitted for normal applications.

A must have in the heavily regulated rail industry!

Powerhand CS Series Clamshell
Max OpeningB2180mm2180mm
Open HeightC1180mm1180mm
Closed HeightD1445mm1445mm
Closed LengthE1275mm1275mm
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