CM Series Clamshell

CM Series Clamshell

A micro clamshell for excavator use.

Micro in size, massive in performance. Unlike most small clamshells, the CM series is specifically designed for excavator fitting and is built to withstand the downward pressures exerted by the excavator during digging operations.

The CM series clamshell is specifically designed to fit between railway sleepers and rails, with a total width of 230mm.

Ideal for ‘wet bed’ work and cable laying trench digging.

Powerhand CM90 Clamshell
Capacity90 litres
Weight327 kg
OpeningA1257 mm
Max OpeningB1351 mm
Overall Open HeightC700 mm
Open Height to Top PlateD651 mm
Closed HeightE963mm
Closed LengthF1215 mm
ClearanceG151 mm
Overall WidthH260 mm
Bucket WidthI232 mm
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