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Powerhand GB SERIES

GB Series - Biomass grapple

The GB Series biomass grapple is available for both rigid excavator mount on excavators from 8 tonnes up to 16 tonnes and swing link mounted for use on excavators and timber cranes.

Combining high strength with light weight, the GB biomass grapples are ideal for the handling of all types of biomass including, timber, branches, scrap wood and materials for recycling.

Available in 0.28m² and 0.36m² capacities with five solid Hardox tines, these grapples offers the ultimate solution to biomass handling.

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  • Powerful hydraulic cylinder combined with fast acting grapple geometry.
  • Solid 30mm Hardox tines.
  • Optional hydraulic cylinder lock valves.
  • Easy access greasing points for maintainance.
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