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Evolved Thinking: It’s in our DNA

Our customers depend upon Powerhand products to advance their industry, whether in a sawmill, recycling yard, or on the railway. At Powerhand, we solve the problems that others choose to ignore.

We work constantly with Powerhand operators and industry partners. We thrive on a challenge and our passion is in the creation of the most user-friendly, innovative, and robust attachments. We are dedicated to creating the ultimate materials handling experience.

It starts with Evolved Thinking. Powerhand Thinking.

The Powerhand Experience

When you look out of your machine, you want to see an attachment you can trust. An attachment with power and dexterity. An attachment, that above all, has unparalleled durability. You want to see… a Powerhand.

Your productivity is our priority. At Powerhand, we understand that in tough industries that work around the clock, productivity is key. In everything we do, our commitment is to optimise your efficiencies and minimise your operating downtime.

From concept to creation

We understand that the only way to guarantee the best quality is to control the whole process. That is why we complete 100% of design and manufacture in our factory in Scotland. Our company has a rich history in engineering and manufacturing; designing, developing, and manufacturing products for almost 100 years, since the establishment of our parent company, Wm Clark and Son in 1924.


The process of creating the ultimate ‘end of arm’ attachment experience begins with you – the customer.

Behind every Powerhand product there is a story. A story of a customer without the perfect attachment. At Powerhand, every product in our range has evolved from working closely with customers , over many years, to create products that excel at the task in hand.
Combining innovative features with over 30 years of industry knowledge, Powerhand has created the highest quality attachments.


Where innovation meets metal.

Only the highest grade Swedish steels are used in the build of our attachments. We combine investment in modern manufacturing technologies with an experienced team of engineers who take extreme pride in their work to guarantee our customers a product built to last.

All hydraulic components used in Powerhand products are designed and manufactured in house. From valves to hydraulic cylinders, we produce bespoke hydraulic solutions for our Powerhand equipment.


When you buy Powerhand, you get attachments on another level.

You can count on our attachments to produce optimal performance day after day in the tough environments in which they work.

We are proud to never be satisfied and are constantly seeking to improve our concepts and to be at the forefront of manufacturing technology.